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She Likes Basketball

In the spirit of both Valentine's Day and the NBA All-Star Weekend, I'd like to pay tribute to my wife the Tiny Goddess and her love of basketball, along with a few subsequent thoughts.

My wife loves basketball. Specifically NBA basketball on television. The college game isn't for her. And not just her favorite team – the Lakers. She'll watch any NBA game. When games are on TV, I'll have to "double-Tivo" both games so she can watch the first game and a half in the family room and the last half of the second game in the bedroom. This includes pre-game shows (for Ernie, Sir Charles, Kenny, etc., as well as Doris, Avery, and Derrick Rose's father.) And if she falls asleep during the second game, I hide the sports section the next morning so she can catch up on the end of the second game with her breakfast. Tivoing the games and erasing the previous night's games are one of my jobs each morning. You have to make room on the DVR or run out of recording space. "List maintenance" is a constant responsibility.

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Five Romantic Items for Valentine's Day

Since I've been blissfully married to the Tiny Goddess for more than forty years – yes, we were "college sweethearts" – I think that I know a little something about love. But for now, here are five angles on love from some other experts: two songs, a movie scene, an entire movie, and a novel.


Written by two Englishmen (music by Guy Wood, lyrics by Robert Mellin), this song is one of warmest, sweetest love songs I've ever heard. The combination of Hartman's enveloping, masculine baritone and Coltrane's deeply felt, searching saxophone drives this song straight to the heart. Every moment of this arrangement works on the emotions. Little touches like drummer Elvin Jones' entrance with brushes release feelings into the music.

"The very thought of you makes my heart sing
Like an April breeze on the wings of spring
And you appear in all your splendor
My one and only love"

And Coltrane's sax is the perfect paraphrase of the lyric.


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My First Car

There is nothing like your first car. (You are free to draw any parallel metaphors that you want from that.)

My first car was a 1976 Chevrolet Camaro -- in dark "Firethorn red" paint with white leather seats and red carpeting. It had a V-8 engine that cranked 305 horsepower, and it was, for a car, beautiful.

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