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Welcome to My Grandson

Today, my grandson -- _____ Robinson – is being born in Los Angeles at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. (No name yet.) This is a very happy day for our family: for the parents Jesse and Katrina, for my in-laws Steve and Cheryl and everyone on Katrina's side, for my daughter the new Aunt Daisy, and for my wife, the Tiny Goddess.

The birth of a grandson merits an ode, not a blog. But I haven't written any poetry in years; not even a haiku. But I can still say some of the things that I want to say, the things in my heart that come from the same place that poetry comes from.

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Peter Pan Grows Up

I really wanted to like the NBC "PETER PAN" that was on TV last Thursday night. I really did. Like many people my age – baby-boomers – I grew up on the Mary Martin "PETER PAN" that was broadcast in 1956 (black-and-white) and 1960 (color). What's more, I'm a lifelong fan of Broadway musicals and anything theatrical, so I wanted the "PETER PAN" to be good, just to promote live theatre, Broadway musicals, and the arts in general.

(Not to mention the fact that I want to try to be positive in this blog. Why would I want to write about things that I have dark feelings and negative thoughts about? In order to "tell the truth?" I save that for my fiction. Here, I'll be happy with 87% truth.)

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A Walk Around the Block

I walk around my block almost every day. Sometimes I miss a day, but I'm pretty religious about it. It's 0.9 miles around my block – some of it downhill, some of it uphill -- and it takes me about fifteen minutes. Not too long to disrupt much of anything, but long enough for me to consider it "exercise."

I go out of my driveway and turn right. It's immediately downhill, so it's an easy warm-up. I pass my neighbors' houses. I have an interesting mix of neighbors: doctors and lawyers, journalists and retirees, new people and some people who have been here since the 1950s. More than a few work at the nearby Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a federally funded research and development center and NASA field center. Quite simply, I live in a town full of rocket scientists.

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