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"Nothing like anything else I have read, this stark and frightening tale will stay with me for some time to come." -- Cayacosta72

"I like the way Peter Seth writes and I particularly like the depth he gave to the narrator, despite the fact you wanted to shake some sense into him.  He hit the nail on the head in capturing the summer camp experience -- many of the events and activities he talked about actually happened at the summer camp I attended when I was younger." -- Larry from ItsEitherSadnessorEurphoria

"Seth's story telling skill is highly polished.  The story is easily readable and carries the reader along quite effortlessly.   While the story may have dragged at me, the storytelling kept me going.  Hundreds of pages of personal and professional agony that I still wanted to plow through.  I'm not sure there's any higher praise you can offer an author."  -- Jay Phillippi

"My obsession with What it Was Like is identical to the one the story's wry, intelligent, and completely unremorseful narrator has for the beautiful, sexually intoxicating and mesmerizing Rachel Prince, with whom he begins a romance that we know from the opening pages is ill-fated. Once I started reading, I had to finish the book as fast as I could. Reading What is Was Like made me experience all the joys – and dangers – of teenage lust with an immediacy that I haven't felt since Splendor in the Grass." – Stan Chervin, Screenwriter, Academy Award nominee for Moneyball

"What It Was Like is a story about all kinds of love - the obsessive first love of two unforgettable teenagers as well as the layers of love that can lie in tortuous wait between parents and children, a love as deep and hidden as an ominous quarry. If indeed you've ever wondered what kind of parents J.D. Salinger and Patricia Highsmith would have made if they had gotten together, then look no further than Peter Seth, their literary progeny." -- Kevin Sessums: author, Mississippi Sissy, and editor in chief, FourTwoNine magazine

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